Polo Day

Spend a day full of polo with us!


Hereby you will have two options:


1. you can be an observer

2. you can become active


Early in the moring you will arrive in "The Polo House" where we will already be waiting for you with some typical Argentine "facturas" and the typical "mate". For those who are not into "mate" we will serve tea and coffee.

Then you will get to know the place and either have try to hit a polo ball -first from the ground with the help of a "walking stick" and later on you will be able to try it from the back of a horse. Depending on the tournament scedule we will take you to see a professional polo game either in the world famous "Paraje Ellerstina" or the Argentine Polo Association. After a typical Argentine "asado" you will have time to relax and enjoy the pool before we will go to see another tournament or some more polo. Surely you can also "only" enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax in the pool or our garden.


If you opted for the active part we will show you how to tack a polo pony and you will try on a real polo horse what you have learnt on the wooden horse. Please don't forget to bring trousers suitable for riding and shoes that allow you a good grip in the stirrup.


Our polo day ends with a typic "merienda" and a cool drink!


Groups are also welcome!

Contact us for further information! 



Please note that Polo Days should be planned with plenty of time in advance. They will only be organised uppon request! Thank you :)