Polo Horses for sale

We have got well-trained polo horses for all different levels for sale. This is just a selection of horses we are currently selling.

Most of the horses that are for sale are out of our own breeding program. We are inscripted Polo Pony Breeders at the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association (AACCP). Please have a look at pictures of the horses in our breeding program in our photo gallery. 


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Age: 9 years old

Type: Polo Pony

Hight: 152 cm

Location: South of Germany


Tomasa is a home-bred polo pony. She is straight forward and easy. Fast turns. She can play low, medium and high-goal. She has never had any injuries and has clean legs. Tomasa is the perfect pony for every confident rider but not suitable for beginners. 


She arrived to Germany three years ago and has been playing in Germany, Switzerland and Italy with an Argentine 3-goal pro and a 2-goal lady-player. 


Last stop: Pink Ribbon Ladies Polo Cup, Düsseldorf. June 28-30, 2019.


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The horses shown here below are some of the horses we have or have had in Argentina.